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Dry Liquorice root


Organic dry liquorice root. Cutted into sticks between 8 and 15 cm and 3mm to 7mm thick. Suitable to be infused in water or consumed directly.

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Liquorice "Glycyrrhiza glabra", also known as palodulce is the root of the licorice plant, it is used in the production of sweets and candies. It is also used for its medicinal properties since it is very effective for various ailments of digestive origin. Used in cocktails to flavor some types of drinks. Product DIRECTLY FROM THE PRODUCER.

In our area, "Rivera del Ebro" (Navarra), liquorice comes out wild due to the conditions that exist, suitable for the natural propagation of this plant.

To obtain this product, we clean the roots with water under pressure and then cut them to the extent necessary to finally dry them out. This method prevents the product from generating bad toxins for the body.


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