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  • Fresh liquorice root
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    Fresh liquorice root

    Price €15.79

    Organic and fresh liquorice root sticks. It is cutted in sticks between 8 and 15cm, ready to be infused in water or directly in your mouth. 

    Product carefully selected and packaged in Spain.

  • Cutted Liquorice root
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    Cutted Liquorice root

    Price €7.98

    Organic liquorice root cutted in small pieces that makes it easier to add to any tea or infusion. This product is made by cutting our dry organic liquorice root in 1cm pieces. 

  • Dry Liquorice root
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    Dry Liquorice root

    Price €8.91

    Organic dry liquorice root. Cutted into sticks between 8 and 15 cm and 3mm to 7mm thick. Suitable to be infused in water or consumed directly.

  • Pimentón Dulce BIO

    Price €3.05

    Spanish sweet paprika. Organic production, not genetically modified and not irradiated. It comes from the bark of the plant.

    Gourmet Traditional Sweet paprika for paella. Product of great versatility. Season any type of recipe providing an amazing color, flavour and aroma.

    Use it to season fish or meat; sprinkle raw on hummus, cooked octopus (Spanish dish) or any type of melted cheese. It is perfect too to season vegetables or to add at any stew or savory recipes. 

    Its use is intended for the entire population in general, containing no ingredient classified as an allergen.

  • Ceylon Cinnamon Powder BIO

    Price €4.98

    Organic Ceylon cinnamon powder. It can be used as a tea or it can be added in sweet and savory recipes. It has a mild, sweet and soft flavor. 

  • Organic Chamomille Flowers...

    Price €6.15

    Pure organic herbal tea. Whole organic chamomile flowers to give delicious sweet, soothing flavour. Drink to calm and aid sleep.

    Directly from the farmers. Light, delicate and floral, chamomile tea is a relaxing, warming tea.

  • Natural Himalayan Salt -...

    Price €5.95

    Himalayan Pink Salt Coarse - Great for Detoxification and General Well-Being: Himalayan pink salt contains over 80 essential minerals and trace elements used by the body for maintaining good health and well-being.

    Use for cooking in the same way you would use regular able salt.

  • Ginger Powder BIO

    Price €7.80

    Organic ginger powder - A versatile ayurvedic herb that can be added to many foods, used as a baking ingredient, or made into a drink.

    Add to cakes, biscuits and sponge puddings to give a warm sweet flavour. It also can be used as a seasoning for meat, fish, stews and any kind of savory dishes.