Discover our organic and non organic high quality Saffron. A must for rices and perfect for souces, soups and stews! Get an amazing flour, color and aroma in your favorite recipes! 


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  • Spanish Saffron Strand

    Price €5.85

    Saffron in threads grown in Spain in a sustainable way and packed in glass jars for the best preservation of the product.

    Only a few strands will be enough to enhance the flavor of your ingredients and fill your favorite recipes with color using authentic Spanish saffron.

  • Spanish Saffron Strand BIO

    Price €6.27

    Spanish organic saffron grown in Corella, Navarra. Our saffron is grown organically and for this reason we have obtained the organic producer and processor seals, both regulated by the CPAEN (Council of Ecological Agricultural Production of Navarra). We have also been able to obtain the certification of the select agro-food group of Navarra "Reyno Gourmet de Navarra", thus including our saffron among the most outstanding Gourmet products in the community. Of course we guarantee the traditional and artisanal process of cultivation and harvesting of our saffron produced on the banks of the Ebro (Navarra) near the "bardenas reales" dessert, Spain.