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organig saffron from spain


Saffron is obtained from own farms, processed organic and handmade, thus reaping a crocus quality, own brand, differentiated both by physical means such as material resources of other products you can find on the market.

Although there is not a proper certificate for saffron in Navarra, the quality of our product is tested by the gastronomic evidence (taste, aroma and pigment certify it) and for the land and the human and material resources used in the process productive.


Our saffron is ecological and seals that have obtained organic producer and processor, both regulated by the CPAEN (Council of Ecological Agricultural Production of Navarra).

We have also entered into the select group of Reyno Gourmet of Navarra and including our Gourmet saffron among most outstanding products of Navarra.

Of course guaranteed traditional and handmade process of growing and harvesting of our organic saffron, product of Spain.


In FRISAFRAN we are dedicated to the cultivation and marketing of saffron. We are a newborn, eager to offer a product of high quality, unique and pioneering company in our lands. We use turn young workforce, trying to contribute to revitalizing the economy of the village with a traditional, organic and sanitary and culinary qualities magnificent product.

Our land is situated in Corella, south of Navarra, in the region of La Ribera. The provision of land and weather are highly conducive for a sublime quality of the flower and its stigmas.

Our goal is to provide a high quality organic saffron, grown and harvested in Navarra (Spain), ensuring the taste, aroma, and pigment of our strands.

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